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Buy Equilibria Contact Lenses is very simple in Prodevisión - Optica online

Use your lenses Equilibria all day without drying your eyes, comfort and quality Mark Ennovy manufacturer.

Equilibria lenses are designed, manufactured and marketed by the national Mark 'Ennovy laboratory, whose mission is to successfully, accurately and quickly achieve the optimization of the vision and quality of life of their patients, with individualized adaptations of their Premium products. 

Equilibria is a quarterly contact lens designed to the exact measurement of the eye of each patient, with a material suitable for users with symptoms of eye dryness, in the use of contact lenses, GMA-59. 
The hydrogel in which they are manufactured always keeps the eye hydrated, this is due to its high hydro-balance index. For this reason, professionals, we advise people who use electronic devices for many hours, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones ... 
During the use of near vision for long periods, the rate of blinking decreases. The mechanism of blinking is what renews the tear and makes both the lens and the eye rehydrate, as this frequency decreases considerably, the lens dries and becomes annoying, making it necessary to use artificial tears. 

From prodevisión, as professionals, we advise the use of Equilibria Spherical contact lenses for the following reasons: 
- People with symptoms of dry eye, made with a hydrogel of medium hydration, 59% with low dehydration index throughout the day. 
- Users with high graduations, we consider that Balance Spherical corrects myopia and hyperopia of up to 30 diopters. 
- Patients with special eye parameters, having radii of curvature available from 7.70 mm to 9.80 mm.

Within the Equilibria family we can find several lens designs, designed to correct different visual defects: 

- Spherical: correct myopia and hyperopia up to 30.00 diopters. 
- Tóricas: They compensate myopia and hyperopia until 23.00 diopters and astigmatism of up to 8.00 diopters. 
- Multifocal: for people with presbyopia and eyestrain, myopia and hyperopia. 
- Toric Multifocal: correct in addition to the previous visual defects, astigmatism up to 8.00 diopters. They have CD-CN system, depending on ocular dominance.

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