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Equilibria Multifocal (1 lentilla)


Mark'ennovyEquilibria Multifocal (1 lentilla)



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Contact lenses

Equilibria Multifocal (1 lentilla)

  • Equilibria
  • Quarterly contac lenses
  • Progressive Contact Lenses
  • Box of 1 Units
  • We are professional opticians We are professional opticians
  • Original products Original products
  • Power: Of -23.00 A +23.00 Diopters
  • Base curve: 9.80, 9.50, 9.20, 8.90, 8.60, 8.30, 8.00 O 7.70 mm
  • Diameter: 14.50 mm
  • Addition: +3.00CD, +2.50CN, +2.50CD, +2.00CN, +2.00CD, +1.50CN, +1.50CD, +1.00CN, +1.00CD O +3.00CN (D)


  • 56,00€1 box

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Equilibria Multifocal (1 lentilla)


  • Material: Hydrogel Filcon II 2
  • Water content: 59%
  • Eye oxygenation: 24 DK
  • Spherical Power: from -23.00 to +23.00 diopters in steps of 0.25
  • Additions: from +1.00 to +3.00 in steps of 0.50 with CD - CN geometry
  • Curvature Radius: from 7.70 mm to 9.80 mm in steps of 0.30
  • Diameter: 14.50 mm
  • Handling tint: Y
  • UV filter: No
  • Maintenance: Single solution / Peroxide
  • Replacement: Quarterly
  • Format: Box of 1 unit

Equilibria Multifocal lenses are designed, manufactured and marketed by National Laboratory Mark 'Ennovy, whose mission is to successfully, accurately and quickly, optimize vision and quality of life of their patients, its Premium products individualized adaptations.
When we turn forty, approximate data, appears presbyopia, popularly called tired sight. We begin to have difficulty focusing on nearby objects, hindering the daily task, both for work and for hobbies.
The multifocal lens is one that corrects the vision in both far and near, stabilizing the accommodating system, making it possible to see again up close without using prescription glasses.
Multifocal or progressive lenses are a great solution when working with computers, reading, writing, sports, sewing ...
In addition, Multifocal Equilibria is a quarterly contact lens designed to the exact measurement of the eye of each patient, with a material suitable for users with symptoms of dry eye, in the use of contact lenses, GMA-59.
The hydrogel in which they are manufactured always keeps the eye hydrated, this is due to its high hydro-equilibrium index. For this reason, professionals of the vision, we advise people who use for many hours electronic devices, such as computer, Tablet, mobile phone ...
During close-up use over long periods, the blink rate slows. The blinking mechanism is what renews the tear and causes both the lens and the eye to rehydrate, by decreasing this frequency considerably, the lens is dried and becomes annoying, making necessary the use of artificial tears.

From prodevisión, as eyecare professionals, we recommend using lenses Equilibria Multifocal for the following reasons:

- Patients suffering from presbyopia or tired eyes, with additions from +1.00 to +3.00 diopters
- People with dry eye symptoms, made with a hydration medium hydration, 59% with low dehydration rate throughout the day.
- Users with high graduations, we consider that Multifocal Equilibria corrects myopia and hyperopia of up to 23 diopters.
- Patients with special ocular parameters, having radius of curvature available from 7.70 mm to 9.80 mm

Equilibria lenses quarterly base their design on what he calls the manufacturer Vision Relax, comfort throughout the day.


When ordering your quarterly Equilibria Multifocales lenses in Prodevisión, it is necessary that the lenses have been prescribed by a specialist of the Optical or Ophthalmologist vision, from there, you must make your request by copying the parameters of the last box of lenses that you have acquired, Ie the first adaptation has to do the professional who will value vision, movement of the lenses in the eye and also teach you the correct management and maintenance of them.

It is important to mention the maintenance fluid, also called single solution . This must be of quality (first brand, all liquids are not the same) and if possible always use the same, a change of liquid can cause serious problems in the use of lenses. In Prodevisión we have the first and best brands of maintenance liquids on the market, which assure you that they will take care of your eyes and your Multifocal Equilibria lenses with all the guarantees.

It is essential to follow all the indications of use of the manufacturer (MarkEnnovy) in terms of hours of use, care, handling and replacement.

As for the replacement it is very important to respect it, since, they are discarded within three months of opening the blister in which they come from the factory (they are not 90 put, but 90 days from its opening). Cheap contact lenses, with the passage of time deposits accumulate tear, dust, environmental dirt, bad cleaning ... If not disposed lenses can trigger eye irritation and allergic reaction accordingly.

If you notice discomfort when wearing them, red eyes or do not see correctly, remove them immediately, discard them and consult your trusted optician or ophthalmologist. If not, you may have eye problems.

In Prodevisión we are vision professionals, so if you have any problems do not hesitate to contact us.

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