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GP annual contact lenses - Prodevision

If you have to buy cheap rigid lenses GP enters our online store, classic but innovative.

GP is a brand of gas permeable annual contact lenses manufactured by CooperVision. 

Also called Rigid Permeable Gas (RGP), are used since the 70s, then have an innovative manufacturing technology. 

It is important not to confuse these GP lenses with their predecessors, the hard lenses , these provided the patient with a very clear vision but they did not have the capacity to transmit oxygen to the cornea, causing serious problems of hypoxia, among many other complications. 

The GP lenses of Coopervision , allow sufficient oxygenation of the cornea to maintain eye health. The cheap GP lenses can even exceed the oxygen levels they transmit to the cornea (DK / t) with respect to many soft silicone hydrogel lenses. 

Its design is rigid and provide better vision than soft lenses but are more uncomfortable to wear, while hydrogel lenses are invaluable in the eye, practically from the first moment, with these GP lenses it takes a while to adapt the eye to carry that strange body. This is because the diameter is much smaller, rubbing with the eyelid continuously, necessary for the tear fluid to be made between the lens and the cornea. If the use of these lenses is not frequent, every time we put them on, we will notice them and we will have to adapt to wear them. 

The adaptation of the patient is usually not simple, in fact, usually more than a couple of tests are needed to reach the final lens that meets their needs, maintaining eye health, a fundamental concept for the proper functioning of the eye. 

These GP lenses are easy to adapt, due to their high quality edge geometry. 

Within the cheap gas permeable lenses, GP, we can find three types depending on the gas permeability offered to the eye:

  • GP 20: with a DK of 18
  • GP 40: with a DK of 40
  • GP 80: with a DK of 80

All GP contact lenses have similar manufacturing parameters with the exception of the DK:

  • They correct myopia and hyperopia until 20.00 diopters.
  • Radius of curvature from 7.20 mm to 8.60 mm, covering the needs of most of the cornales.
  • Diameters from 9.20 mm to 9.60 mm, much smaller than those of soft lenses.

In Prodevisión we have all the original brands. If you do not find your contact lenses online among our brands, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or phone 968 908 108, our contactologists will indicate the equivalent to the original brand, of this In this way, you will make sure that the ones you are going to ask for are the same ones that you usually use. 

In Prodevisión you can buy GP contact lenses quickly and with secure payment.

Payment systems

In PRODEVISION all payment systems are safe, because we work with the best financial institutions that guarantee all our transactions.

We have different method of payments, you can choose the most which interests you.

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer 
  • Credit card
  • Bizum



At PRODEVISION we work with improvements transit agencies so that you receive your items as quickly as possible.

Shipping to Spain and Portugal will be totally free if your purchase amount exceeds the 40€. (Except Balearic and Canary Islands )

All shipments to Spain and the rest of the Europe will be carried out through ASM-GLS, Zeleris and Correos. 

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