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Do you need to buy sports sunglasses?

Sports glasses are those professionals cataloged for sports, but in daily life have multiple applications, and is also a tendency, especially among younger customers. 

In Prodevisión, you can buy original and the most important market and specialized sports eyewear brands. Among them we can mention Oakley, Arnette, Nike, Smith or Polaroid

Among all brands named we want to highlight some of them: 

● Oakley : Mark quintessential American sports glasses, specializing in such prominent sports such as cycling, skateboarding, golf or motorcycling. The specialization of this brand is not only in design of frames (created to maximize the athlete's performance) but also in sunglasses adapted to each design, with special colors for each sport, polarized lenses or Prizm. The design of Oakley models are based on a statuesque physical and securing three points, ensuring user comfort and perfect fit your facial anatomy. 

● Arnette : Created by a Californian surfer, is one of the brands most popular sport glasses and followed by sports enthusiasts and of course , for young people who do not give up a comfortable design without forgetting a great brand. Manufactured mainly in acetate, they are based on a balanced design that perfectly fits the facial anatomy of the user. as known models as AN 4177 or AN 4225 Witch Doctor Burnout. 

The best sport sunglasses 

This type of sports glasses are usually made of acetate, ie, pasta, anti allergic materials and sweat resistant than metals. 

The lenses are made of plastic, usually polycarbonate, since it is a very impact resistant material. Security when sport is fundamental, impact or aggression of a foreign object in the eye, can cause serious injury to the cornea or even deeper and serious injuries. 

Scratch-resistant lenses and antireflective usually wear treatments (high-end), applying as important and known as polarized lenses filters. 

As outdoor sports, it is important to mention that all sports should wear lenses for 100% UV protection, solar filters against harmful radiation avoid eye problems such as conjunctivitis, keratitis and even retinal lesions. 

Are adjustable glasses for sports? 

Yes, except for very special designs. In general, they can graduate, if you have vision problems and you need to graduate your lenses to be comfortable when you make your favorite sport, do not hesitate, consultation with our team of optical professionals, they will advise which is most suitable for you lens. 

Why use mirrored lenses sun? 

It is easy to see that most glasses for all kinds of sports wear mirror treatment, very fashionable but which in turn, makes a very important protection function. 

The mirror is a layer treatment applied on the surface of the lens, reflecting the excess brightness by increasing protection without obscuring too. That is why, it is suitable for outdoor activities where there is much light, in fact, there are manufacturers such as Oakley goggle with includes a mirrored lenses Iridium and other mirrorless, for less light conditions. 

In Prodevisión you can buy cheap sunglasses sports sunglasses from leading brands, original quickly and with secure payment.

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