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Lenses Proclear Online - Prodevisión quality at home

Proclear Coopervision lenses, a great brand of disposable lenses available to the most demanding users.

The Proclear family is made with PC technology, a biocompatible material thanks to the fact that it mimics the eye's own cells, making them very comfortable, even after 12 hours of use. 

Proclear is an ideal lens for people with dry eyes. 
What is a dry eye? 

A dry eye is one that does not generate enough tears or that although it is generated is lost, either by malfunction of the lacrimal glands or because the tear film is damaged and it evaporates. 
People with dry eyes have many problems to be able to use contact lenses, because in the absence of tears, the lenses donate their hydration to the eye and these dry, causing discomfort in the patient and increasing the risk of corneal injuries, since they adhere to it and when they are removed, they cause, among others, keratitis. 
In the manufacture of these contact lenses, a unique material is used that mimics the natural substances of human cell membranes. These molecules attract and retain water, keeping the lenses hydrated, even after 12 hours of use. That is why they are indicated for users who notice eye dryness with the use of contact lenses. 

The Proclear brand is made up of a wide variety of cheap lenses according to the visual defect to be corrected and the replacement of the contact lens: 

1 Day: daily in high performance hydrogel material. They correct myopia and hyperopia with parameters from -12.00 to +8.00 diopters. They are presented in 30 and 90 lens format. They do not need maintenance, they are discarded at the end of the day. 
• 1 Day Multifocal: daily progressives, designed to see well, both far and near. Lenses without commitment of use, starts in the morning and strips at night, without maintenance or hassles of expiration. They are presented in 30 lenses per box format. Ask us 
• Spherical: monthly that correct myopia and hyperopia, with parameters from -20.00 to +20.00 diopters, a wide range that covers many patients. They offer a clear vision and exceptional comfort. 
• Toric: monthly lens for patients with astigmatism. The range includes Proclear Toric, correcting astigmatism up to -2.25 diopters and Proclear Toric XR, compensating astigmatisms of up to -5.75 diopters. 
• Proclear Multifocal: Monthly contact lens for preschoolers of all ages. If you need close corrections and you want to hide it, do not hesitate, this is your contact lens. They offer great comfort and vision both far and near. They are sold in the format of 6 cheap lenses per box. 
• Proclear Multifocal Toric: In addition to everything explained in the previous section, this lens corrects astigmatism in parameters up to -5.75 dp. It is the most complete lens in correction of visual defects of the whole family. 

Proclear lenses incorporate a light blue handling filter, which facilitates its location in the lens case. 
The maintenance for cleaning and conservation, is done with a single solution or peroxide. 

You may not find the brand of contact lenses you have acquired in your optics lately among our brands. That may be because they have a name created for the optics where you bought them (a lens with the same characteristics as the original but with another name). 

In Prodevisión we have all the original brands. If you can not find your cheap contact lenses among our brands, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or phone 968 908 108, our contactologists will indicate the equivalent of the original brand, of this In this way, you will make sure that the online contact lenses you are going to order are the same ones that you usually use. 

In Prodevisión you can buy cheap Proclear contact lenses quickly and with secure payment.

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