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Buy cheap Clariti 1 day contact lenses - Prodevision

Buy oniti Clariti 1 Day contact lenses from Coopervisión laboratories is a guarantee of quality, do not hesitate, contact us, we are professionals.

Clariti 1 day is a family of spherical, toric and multifocal daily contact lenses, designed to meet the needs of the majority of patients who use contact lenses 

Clariti 1 day are made of silicone hydrogel, which allows great passage of oxygen to the eye, obtaining a healthier experience than with hydrogel lenses and increasing visual health. 

All Clariti online lenses have a high water content of 56% and oxygen transmission of 84 DK / t, key features for your comfort.Wetlok technology makes it possible, the Wetlok process creates a lens that attracts and retains water molecules naturally on its surface, so that the eyes remain moist and comfortable all day. As a result, Clariti 1 day, is a contact lens with high water content that offers excellent comfort throughout the day. 

The best-selling Clariti lenses (H4) are available in three different versions, adapted to the needs of each patient:

  • Spherical: Covers graduations that cover myopia up to -10.00 diopters and hyperopia until +8.00 diopters, a broad and useful power field for many patients. Available in 30 and 90 contact lenses per box.
  • Torics: It is a very broad product in graduations despite being a daily toric lenses. In myopia it reaches a power of -9.00 dp, in farsightedness it covers up to +4.00 dp and in astigmatism it has four cylindrical powers with twelve special axes. It is sold in boxes of 30 units.
  • Multifocal: It is a high quality lens that provides very good vision both far and near, with powers of -6.00 to +5.00 and two additions for fence, Low and High. Format in boxes of 30 units.

Clariti daily contact lenses give you the freedom you need, regardless of prescription glasses when you need them, without creating cleaning obligations or changing them when they have expired, a month, three months ... since their use is daily, the You start in the morning and throw them at the end of the day. 
We want to indicate that a UVA and UVB filter is included in the surface of the lenses, increasing the protection of your eyes against ultraviolet radiation to 100%, which is very harmful for visual health. 

Important: You may not find the brand of contact lenses that you have acquired in your optic lately among our brands. That may be because your lenses have a name created for the optics where you bought them (a lens with the same characteristics as the original but with another name). 

In Prodevisión we have all the original brands. If you can not find your cheap contact lenses among our brands, do not hesitate to contact us at the email address or phone +34 617357588, our contactologists will indicate the equivalent of your contact lenses to the original brand , in this way, you will make sure that the cheap lenses you are going to order are the same ones that you usually use. 

In Prodevisión you can buy Clariti contact lenses online quickly and with secure payment.

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At PRODEVISION we work with improvements transit agencies so that you receive your items as quickly as possible.

Shipping to Spain and Portugal will be totally free if your purchase amount exceeds the 50€. (Except Balearic and Canary Islands )

All shipments to Spain and the rest of the Europe will be carried out through ASM-GLS, Zeleris and Correos. 

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