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Buy Polaroid Kids Collection Glasses online

Cheap Polaroid glasses graduated for children, quality and comfort at the service of the little ones.

Polaroid Eyewear is a world-leading brand of polarized, known and reliable lens technology worldwide. It is also manufacturer of Polaroid children glasses.
With a unique history of innovation in polarized sunglasses, the brand launches to the market with incredible collections in saddles for both adults and the smallest in the house.
To this day, children are increasingly required to wear prescription goggles , a very special and vulnerable population that needs to be pampered and cared for with much more attention. Genetic factors and electronic devices are making our younger population suffer from visual defects, which are becoming more pronounced and have to be corrected at the earliest possible ages.
Polaroid Kids collection , offers an excellent range of models at the forefront of technology and design, anticipating future trends, with new styles and colors, adapting to every look, every face, every taste.

This new collection is made for children, giving testimony of the care and attention that is put on each product and manufacture. All these Junior models are born from the combination of technological innovation and contemporary design, in the name of the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy, which has its roots in 80 years of experience of the Sáfilo group.
Many of the designs we present are part of the selection of flexible Polaroid glasses, thanks to the innovative Elasta hinges, providing comfort and long life models, two fundamental factors in adapting glasses to children.
The design of this collection is contemporary and created to fit perfectly the face of children, presenting a wide range of colors within each model, current colors, cheerful and distinctive.

What will we find in Polaroid child glasses?
  • Round designs: modern and fun but at the same time with a very important optical sense, recommended in children, so that their difficulty to look over the mount is considerable, this way they will see through the graduated glasses continuously.
  • Mount made of flat metal: very current, giving a feeling of pasta glasses but in material made of a light metal alloy, bathed in anti-allergic cover.
  • Plate height adjustable: these two supports facilitate the adaptation of the frame to the nose of children, which are usually quite flat, with low bridges, which in many cases, make the glasses go down too much, not looking for the purest site Of the graduated lens, which is the optical center.
  • Bright and cheerful colors: children need color, and this collection offers a wide range of possibilities, suited to the tones that best match your skin.
  • Designs like polaroid woman or polaroid man to junior sizes: a wide collection from 1 to 12 years old.
  • Elastic wands: improving the fit to the child's facial anatomy and comfort of use throughout the day.
  • Frames in high quality acetate: durable over time, both in hardness and durability of color tones.
  • Injected materials: light and flexible.

If you notice that your child has vision problems, poor school performance, headaches ... do not hesitate to visit the ophthalmologist and perform a complete visual examination, your visual development will depend on the rest of your life.

Visit Polaroid's new collection of online prescription glasses for children, you will find models suitable for each face, high quality and at very cheap prices.

Enter Prodevisión, you can buy polaroid Kids Collection glasses easily and safely.

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