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Prescription Dior glasses - Online Optical shop - Prodevision

The Dior brand comes from the name of its founder Christian Dior, a leading French fashion designer. 

Christian Dior was a man with a vision of the future, well ahead of his time. His haute couture house was founded in 1946, launching his first collection in 1947, creating a great commotion among the high society women of that time, recovering the luxury after the Second World War. 

The designer Christian Dior died unexpectedly, due to a heart attack, having been replaced at the front of the brand by such important designers as Yves Sant Laurent, Gianfranco Ferré or John Galianos, among others. 

Dior, has a collection of prescription glasses that retains its rigorous and precise style but very updated with the times. 
The Dior prescription glasses are focused for both women and men (Dior Homme collection), with meticulously created designs, high quality materials and logos of the brand, such as "El Cannage", inspired by the chairs of Napoleon III and the "Oval Medallion", inspired by Louis XVI furniture. 

The collection of Dior graduated glasses for women involves the brand's own and emblematic colors such as the "glowing red", the "glorious black" or pastel pink and muted, used in advertising glasses in most campaigns. 
The Dior brand has been and continues to be a fashion icon, which continues to perpetuate its style but up to date with trends. 

Dior prescription glasses, make up an elite collection, glamor and Pret a porter, designed for elegant, modern and youthful women, who wants to wear a graduated glasses is a daily experience, unique and special. 

In our online store it is very easy to buy prescription glasses of the Dior brand, visit the collection with all the novelties that the signature makes available to the popular users (there are models of catwalk that are not sold in optics). Choose the Dior prescription glasses that best go with you, it is important to consider the shape you want to wear, the color that fits you best or the size, many models have two sizes or more. 

Once you have the chosen model you can graduate it on our website, we have the best graduated lenses in the market, both in monofocal lenses and in progressive lenses. We work mainly with Essilor, one of the leading international manufacturers in the ophthalmic lens market. 

Select final purchase and payment method, once the purchase is finished our professionals will receive your order and put it in process, in a few days you will have at home a fantastic glasses graduated from the prestigious Dior brand, original and at a very competitive price. 
You can also buy only the mount. 

Dressing a top brand eyewear like Dior is a hallmark of elegance, glamor and quality that other mid-range brands do not have. 
Many Dior models are serialized, manufacturing is limited and they usually have hand-made finishes, which increases their value, making them different and unique, even from one another, even if they are the same model. 

What are the advantages of buying a pair of eyewear from the Dior brand?

  • Exclusivity, is a firm that has restricted distribution, all opticians can not have distribution of this brand.
  • Quality, made with first quality materials
  • Finished, the designs highlight the finishes, often made by hand.
  • Guarantee, exceptional after-sales service.

The Dior prescription glasses are manufactured by Sáfilo, an important Italian Group, which for many years remains faithful to the Dior style, creating high-end glasses with high quality. 

In Prodevisión you can buy Dior prescription glasses, original and with secure payment.

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