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Persol cheap prescription glasses - Buy online at Prodevisión

Glasses Persol woman and Persol man, icons of elegance and sophistication.

The brand was born in Turin in 1917 by the founder, photographer Guiseppe Ratti. 
The idea of ​​this characteristic character was to create truly revolutionary sunglasses in terms of its ease of use and quality of material and design. 
This project evolved to the creation of what is now the PERSOL brand, which comes from "per il sole", meaning "for the sun", which highlights its main function, eyeglasses that protect the eyes from lightning Solar power. 
Both Persol Sunglasses and Persol Vista, from its origins are synonymous with art, the result of an elaborate manufacturing process, made entirely in Italy, which combines handwork, dedication and passion for what it does. 
That is why his glasses are the expression of the perfect combination of careful preparation of the smallest details, which results in an incredible synergy between technology and aesthetics. 

The persol prescription glasses are true works of art. 
About its Icon: This signature decorates all its models with a hinge-shaped logo with an arrow structure, inspired by the swords of the ancient warriors. This icon appears on all the rods of the collections of sun and graduates of the mark, symbol patented in several countries. 
Persol Vista goggles are inspired by the past but created in today's style, daring and unexpected styles. Its lines are elegant and sophisticated, combining acetates never seen to create sunglasses and graduates different and very exclusive. 
In order to create iconic models, it combines in all its collections habana colors with other intense shades, giving rise to imperishable and unmistakable designs, all with the spirit and essence. 

Within this brand we can find special editions, marked, all with their purest essence: 

Calligrapher Edition: Born from the fusion between mastery and the art of calligraphy, from which a unique and exclusive collection is born. As an example we can name the models PO3165V, a graduated glasses with panthos shape, front of high quality acetate and fine metal rods. 
PO 3165S: a true work of art that seamlessly combines an acetate front with bridge and metal rods. The lenses are mineral, also finding this model as polarized sunglasses. 
In both models, the outside of the rods is embellished with subtle engravings inspired by calligraphy pen. They are subtle and elegant. 

Typewriter Edition: Inspired by the symphony of moving parts of the interior of all typewriters of the Golden Age, in which writing was the work of legendary storytellers and artisans of words. Models like PO 3107V that, like all the others, counts on a system of flexible rod of three cylinders, that assures the fit and the comfort of the spectacle. The bridge is finished with laser engraving that mimics the keys of the typewriter, in addition, its terminals are finished by hand, with engravings in fan form that imitate the mechanism of the typewriters. 

Vintage Edition: It is a collection of 9 models, with elegant and sophisticated lines, combining acetates, giving way to Persol style eyeglasses, perfect blend of handmade care and Italian design. 

Reflex Edition: Created with a clear inspiration, vintage cameras with a vintage look, a cult for lovers of photography. Models like the PO 3046V or PO 3024V, perfectly represent this passionate spirit. 

The Persol Vista glasses are true works of art. 

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